Civil War Test 5th Grade A Nation at War

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Civil War test 5th grade

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The Northern Troops Union
The Southern Troops Confederacy
The Civil War began when the Confederate Troops fired shots at ___________ Fort Sumter
A Civil War is a war between ___________ people who live in the same country
The first major battle of the Civil War was __________ The Battle of Bull Run
General Thomas Jackson who held his ground in a Virginia battle was nicknamed "Stonewall Jackson"
The system used to determine who will serve in the military is called a _____________ Draft
The __________ plan by Winfield Scott cut supplies off from the SOuth Anaconda
The Anaconda plan included these three parts: 1. Blockade the ______ Seaports 2. Take Control of the ____ River 3. Invade the ________ 1. Southern 2. Mississippi 3. South
What crop did the SOutherners believe would help them finance the war (but it didn't) Cotton
What Battle was fought in Tennessee with a Union Victory after a surprise Confederate attack? Battle of Shiloh
What type of war is it when both sides strike against the economy & the civilians as well? Total War
Name 3 types of technology that were new during the Civil War period.... 1. Telegraphs 2. Submarines 3. Ironclads
Women had the following role(s) in the Civil War: planned parties? (yes or no) were nurses? (yes or no) Made Tents? (yes or no) were spies? (yes or no) fought in battle? (yes or no) nurses, tents and spies - yes parties & battle - no
What battle did the Union (North) win in Maryland at a creek where over 6,000 men died? Battle of Antietam
What document was signed in 1863 that freed all slaves in the COnfederacy? Emancipation Proclammation
What was different about the 54th regiment that attacked Fort Wagner, Sc? All members of the regiment were African American
What city was crucial for the Union to control in order to control the Mississippi River? Vicksburg, Mississippi
Who was the Commander of the Confederate troops? General Robert E Lee
What city in Pennsylvania did the bloodiest battle ever in North America take place? Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Who delivered the famous Gettysburg address speech? Abraham Lincoln
What was the name of one of the greatest speeches of all time that was delivered by a president in a cemetery? The Gettysburg Address
Who was put in command of the entire Union Army? General Ulysses S. Grant
The COnfederate Capital was in ___________ Richmond, Virginia
Who led the march from Atlanta to Savannah, GA that burned & destroyed everything in sight? General Sherman
Was Abraham Lincoln re-elected after the war turned in favor of the North? Yes
Which General surrendered at the Appomatox Courthouse that ended the Civil War? AND which side did he represent that surrendered? General Robert E Lee Confederate (South)
Did the North take prisoners at the end of the War? NO
Lincoln wanted to put away all malice between all people in the country - what does malice mean? bad feelings towards each other
President Lincoln was assassinated only 1 week after the Civil War ended. Assassinated means..... an important person is killed
Were more battles of the Civil War fought in the North or the South? South
Which side had more population? North
Skills that Southerners were more skilled in riding shooting hunting
Who assassinated President Lincoln? John Wilkes Booth
Did the Battle of Gettysburg last more or less than a week? less
Was the South in good shape financially strong after the war? No
Did both the North and South draft men to serve in the war? yes
Is it true that only men contributed to the war effort? not true - women had important roles also (just not fighting)
What did Lincoln want to dedicate to the soldiers? a cemetery
Were the African American American & White soldiers treated equally off the Battlefield? No
Was Ulysses S Grant put in charge of the Union army? yes
Jefferson Davis was President of the _____________ Confederacy
What was the capital of the COnfederacy? Richmond, VA
Was Atlanta captured and burned during Sherman's march? yes
What 4 things did the North have more of than the South? factories population railroads supplies
Who developed the Anaconda Plan? Winfield Scott
Sherman's march went from Atlanta to ________ Savannah
In what state did the Battle of Shiloh happen? Tennessee
Who won the first major battle - the North or the South? South
What was the factor that helped the Confederacy win the first major battle? they had fresh troops
which side started preparing for the war the earliest? South (COnfederacy)