Shampoo and Condition the hair and scalp edited

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Shampoo and Condition the hair and scalp edited
  1. Dermatitis- A skin condition that can be sore, red and itchy. Prevent by using barrier creams when dealing with chemicals, wash and dry hands regularly and thoroughly and use good hand cream regularly.
    1. Penetrating Conditioners- Henna/Mask treatments- Dry/Damaged Hair- Designed to repair and strengthen hair structure
      1. Surface Conditioners- Normal/Oily/Product build up- Back wash conditioners
        1. Scalp Treatment-Psoriasis/Dandruff affected- Add protein spray to shampoo
          1. Effluerage- Application massage technique
            1. Rotary- Firm, Circular massage techniques using finger tips
              1. Friction- Vigorous rubbing movement using finger tips- designed to stimulate rather than relax
                1. Petrissage- Slow and firm kneading movements- designed to relax client
                  1. Coconut/Almond oil ingredients- Dry/Damaged hair- Adds moisture
                    1. Medicated- Dandruff affected- Relieves itchiness
                      1. Coal/Tar- Psoriasis/ extremely dry hair- Releases scales, helps itchiness
                        1. Fruit ingredients- Normal- Cleanses
                          1. Lemon ingredients- Oily- Removes Grease
                            1. Egg and Lemon ingredients- Greasy(Sensitive scalp)- Removes grease, gentle on scalp
                              1. PH Balanced- Damaged/ after colour- Returns hair to natural PH level
                                1. Protein- Environmentally/ Heat damaged- Strengthens
                                  1. Beer ingredients- Fine/Limp hair- Adds Volume
                                    1. TLS (Soapless base)- All types- Leaves no residue, used for pre-chemical process
                                      1. Clarifying- Hair with product build-up- Removes product build-up
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