Southampton Solent University Stakeholder Map

Demelza Dancey
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Stakeholder map for Southampton Solent University

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Southampton Solent University Stakeholder Map
1 Employees
1.1 Professional services
1.1.1 Full time
1.1.2 Part time
1.2 Academics
1.2.1 Full time
1.2.2 Associate lecturers
1.2.3 Heads of School
1.2.4 Directors of School
1.2.5 Professors
1.2.6 Lecturers
1.2.7 Part time
2 Students
2.1 Prospective
2.2 Current
2.2.1 Undergraduate Full time Part time UK EU Overseas Mature
2.2.2 Postgraduate Full time Part time UK EU Overseas Mature
2.2.3 Professionals
2.3 Alumni
3 Local community
3.1 Residents
3.2 Community groups
3.3 Local associations
4 Businesses
4.1 Partners
4.2 Business interest groups
5 Regulatory and industry bodies
5.1 Exam authorities
5.2 Awarding bodies
5.3 Professional associations
5.4 Universities UK
6 Government
6.1 Dept for Education
6.2 Dept for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy
6.3 Treasury
7 Parents
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