A Travel Guide to Gozo

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Travelling and Holidaying is a blended course for non-native speakers of English with an intermediate level. It is useful for those who intend to travel. The course introduces key vocabulary and skills needed to use English in a range of situations related to the theme of travelling and holidaying, including how to describe holidays, activities during holidays, places etc...

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A Travel Guide to Gozo
1 Introductory Activities
2 Booking a Holiday
3 Objectives
3.1 - Listen for gist · - Listen for specific information · -Apply learning strategies specific to different learning environments · - Write a 10-line paragraph to describe a place. · - Create a post card / leaflet about Gozo · - Work in groups · - Use web 2.0 for learning and collaboration.
4 Skills
4.1 Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing
5 Activities
5.1 Pre-listening Activities
5.1.1 Activity 1 Activity 1.1 : Let's Collaborate! Activity 1.2 : Time for Peer Feedback!
5.1.2 Activity 2: Let's Build your Vocabulary 3, 2, 1 ...Go!
5.2 While-Listening Activities
5.2.1 Questions 1, 2,3,4
5.2.2 Evaluation
5.3 Post-Listening Activity
5.3.1 writing Design a leaflet about a travel destination of your choice using sway, including general information about the place, a description of the landscape, the monuments, the culture etc... using vocabulary from the lesson , the superlative form. Share the link of your leaflet in "Remettre un devoir" to be evaluated . NB: The length of the leaflet should be between 6 to 8 slides. Also share your sway in the forum under a new dscussion that you'll call Leaflet.
6 Vocabulary
6.1 crafts, lace, landscape, gastronomic, culinary, scuba-diving, glassware, stunning.
7 Grammar
7.1 The superlative
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