"My Fist is Full of Blisters"

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Medicine Mind Map on "I think I'm pregnant", created by Anas Ashour on 01/10/2016.

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"My Fist is Full of Blisters"
1 Cell death
1.1 Necrosis
1.1.1 Types Coagulative Liquefactive Caseous Fat necrosis Fibrinoid Gangrenous
1.1.2 Pathologic cell death
1.2 Apoptosis
1.2.1 Programmed cell death
2 infection
2.1 Mechanism of infection
2.1.1 release toxins
2.1.2 contact or enter host cells
2.1.3 induce host immune responses
2.2 Signs
2.2.1 Inflammation signs
2.2.2 Discoloration
2.2.3 Discharge
2.3 Bacterial infection test
2.3.1 Cell culture
2.3.2 Gram stain
2.3.3 antibiotic sensitivity testing
2.3.4 PCR
2.3.5 ELISA
2.4 Antibiotic treatment
2.4.1 Resistance Alteration of target site Inactivation of the drug Interference with drug transport
2.4.2 Classification Bacteriostatic slows the GROWTH of the bacteria Examples: Microlides Bactericidal KILLS the bacteria Examples: Beta-lactams
3 Inflammation
3.1 SIgns
3.1.1 Heat
3.1.2 Redness
3.1.3 Swelling
3.1.4 Pain
3.1.5 Loss of function
3.2 Causes
3.2.1 Some diseases
3.2.2 Pathogens
3.2.3 External injuries
3.3 Triggering cytokines
3.3.1 TNF-a
3.3.2 IL-1
3.3.3 IL-6
4 Healing
4.1 Growth factors
4.1.1 VEGF
4.1.2 FGF-2
4.1.3 TGF-B
4.1.4 PDGF
4.2 Abnormalities
4.2.1 hypertrophic scars
4.2.2 keloids
4.3 Factors affect healing
4.3.1 extent of tissue injury
4.3.2 diabetes
4.3.3 injury location
4.3.4 Infection
5 Burns
5.1 Degrees
5.1.1 1st degree affect the Epidermis Heals in 3-7 days
5.1.2 2st degree Affect the Epidermis and upper dermis only Heals in 7-21 days
5.1.3 3rd degree Affect the All layers+ subcutaneous layer Regeneration is not possible
5.2 Management of burns
5.2.1 First Aid
5.2.2 tetanus prophylaxis
5.2.3 Apply antibiotic ointment Topical medication applied to the surfaces like: skin or mucous membranes
5.2.4 Dressing
5.3 Size
5.3.1 Rules of Nines
6 Psychosocial aspect of burn injuries
6.1 Long term rehabilitation stage
6.2 Acute stage
6.3 Resuscitative/ critical stage
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