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1 Condition of England Novel
1.1 Victorian Era
1.2 Expectations
1.2.1 a 'Gentleman'
1.2.2 The Female Role Role Reversal? Margaret is the New Woman) Having been strong, the 'breadwinner', the leader of her family, she decides that she wants to fulfil the stereotypical woman with her relationship with Thornton- yet she is the one to save him
1.2.3 Love
1.3 Social analysis and Reform
2 False Starts: First chapters (Martin Dodsworth) are false, they tell us what the novel is NOT about
3 Deirdre David: Margaret's abandomnet of London society means she is not in her place in the South, and her adjustment to the North is, therefore, not ironic
4 Not an 'industrialized Pride and Prejudice' (but fairy tale ending?)
4.1 but echoes 'Pride and Prejudice' - prejudice upon first impressions, appearances and reality
5 Originally called 'Margaret Hale', suggested by Dickens to call it North and South- embodies the essence of the novel: conflict, polar opposites, coming together
6 Sally Shuttleworth
6.1 Intertwines issues of class and gender whilst exploring the questions of industrial unrest
6.2 How far should individual freedom be sacrificed in obedience to aithority? (running theme)
6.2.1 Workers, Frederick, Margaret and even Mr. Hale
6.3 Union of M and T, stands in metronymically for the union of the classes tehey represent
6.4 Margaret exists at a tangent to the society which surrounds her. Thereby, Gaskell is able to use her as a vehicle to comment on the limitations of each society
6.5 Role Reversals
6.5.1 Mr. Hale, more feminine? paralleling to that of his wife?
6.6 Higgins demands our respect: highly intelligent working class hero
6.6.1 His maternal traits adds to his dignity when compared to Frederick adn Mr. Hale
6.7 Frederick's return allows Gaskell to emphasize once more the parallel story lines of her plots- revolving around the central question of how far defiance against authoiryt can be justified
6.8 Tract of 1841, Reverrend writes, "the real problem was the total ignorance with regard to each other"... the great lesson for communities was to know one another"
7.1 A novel of change
7.1.1 Mr. Hale's decision to leave the church was not out of weakness, but a sign of his irrevocable change.
7.1.2 The function of the South is not to provide a stark contrast to the North, but to be itself the subject of changing perspectivds
7.2 Different values in North
7.2.1 Higgins on their first meeting, reads Margaret's face rather than social status Intro to Higgins, but also insists on the same kind of reversal in relation to his employer
7.3 The union has created a new class division: Boucher cannot afford to go on strike
7.4 Two acts of impulse: saving Thornton and lying to the police
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