Sectional Tensions

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Sectional tensions

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Sectional Tensions
  1. 1791
    1. 1807
      1. 1817
        1. 1822
          1. 1830s
            1. 1830s
              1. 1831
                1. 1845
                  1. 1848
                    1. 1850
                      1. 1850
                        1. 1852
                          1. 1854
                            1. 1857
                              1. 1859
                                1. 1860
                                  1. 1861
                                    1. Attack on Fort Sumter: Started the Civil War
                                    2. Election of Abraham Lincoln: Caused the South to secede
                                    3. Harpers Ferry Raid: Inflamed the white southerns fears of slave rebellion
                                    4. Dred Scott Case: Incensed abolitionists
                                    5. Kansas and Nebraska Act: Divided Northern and Southern sections of political parties
                                    6. Uncle Tom's Cabin: Southerns were outraged by description of slavery
                                    7. Eli Whitney's Cotton Gin: Helped grow slavery in the South
                                    8. Fugitive Slave Act of 1850: Produced outrage in the North that caused them to want slavery banned in the West
                                    9. US Constitution: Helped cool tensions the Texas and Florida admissions
                                    10. Mexican American War: Division over whether new land would be slave or free
                                    11. Nat Turner Rebellion: Virginians enacted new slave codes
                                    12. Second Great Awakening: Contributed to regional animosity between North and South
                                    13. Cotton Revolution: Increased the need for slaves
                                    14. Vesey Revolt: New laws to keep slaves from meeting in groups
                                    15. Missouri Crisis: Between pro and anti-slavery factions
                                    16. End of International Slave trade: South still wanted slaves.
                                    17. Haitian Revolt: Splintered Atlantic basin to free and slave zones
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