Asch (1951)

Harriet Ellison
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Harriet Ellison
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A level Pschology (Social Influence) Mind Map on Asch (1951), created by Harriet Ellison on 11/29/2016.

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Asch (1951)
1 Aim
1.1 To investigate the effect of majority influence on conformity
2 Procedure
2.1 Sample
2.1.1 123 American students
2.1.2 Volunteer
2.2 Standard line vs Comparison line
2.2.1 Asked which line matched the standard One participant with 6-8 confederates All confederates gave the same wrong answer
2.3 18 trials
2.3.1 12 critical trials
3 Findings
3.1 Participant gave the wrong answer 36.8% of the time
3.2 75% conformed at least once
4 Conclusions
4.1 Majority influence has a big effect on confomity
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