Case Study 4-Rural to Urban Migration in Brazil

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A case study of rural to urban migration: patterns, reasons and impacts

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Case Study 4-Rural to Urban Migration in Brazil
  1. Push Factors:
    1. Low unreliable rainfall causes droughts on farms
      1. Difficult for farmers to produce enough food to sustain their subsistence way of life
        1. There is no piped water, electricity or any type of sanitation
          1. Lack of schools and clinics in the area. Belief children will get a better education in the city (Push and pull factor)
    2. Pull Factors:
      1. There are many jobs in cities like Sao Paulo
        1. People think there are better job prospects and regular work that is not as back breaking.
          1. Better access to medical services and better transport links
            1. The glamorous image of the city and 'bright lights' attract loads of people
      2. Positive effects for urbanisation:
        1. More land is left for the people who stay in the countryside to farm
          1. This increases food supplies and quality of life.
            1. Money earned from rural to urban migrants can be sent back to their families in the villages to improve living standards
          2. Negative Effects for urbanisation :
            1. As the most active men leave the village farming it will be difficult as most responsibilities are left to women, children and the elderly. The very young and very old tend to be left behind creating an imbalance in the Population structure- negative effects on social activities and recreation
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