Psychology: Perception

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Psychology: Perception
1 How do we see?
1.1 Rods: Rods work ihn dim light they also detect light.
1.2 Cones: cones only work in bright light they also detect different colours.
1.3 Cornea: Protects the eye from Bacteria.
1.4 Pupil: A hole to allow light in.
1.5 Retina: LIght sensitive layer at the back of the eye, it has cells called Rods and Cones*
1.6 Optic nerve: sends information collected by the eye,. to the brain.
1.7 Vision: WE see the world by detecting light with our eyes.
1.8 Perception: Our brain helps us to understand the world by using information from the eyes.
1.9 Optic chiasma: Where information from the right eye and the left eye cross over.
2 Key definitions:
2.1 Visual Constancy: The ability to recognise that an object remains the same even when it produces different images on the retina.
2.1.1 There are 3 types size, shape, colour
3 Depth cues:
3.1 Size Constancy: Our brain perceives things to be the same size even if the distance from us changes.
3.2 Relative size: The closer the object is to the eye the bigger the imasge onj the retinba.
3.3 Monocular: Information about distance that needs one eye to process.
3.4 Binocular: Information about distance that needs two eyes to process.
3.5 Texture gradient:
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