Roman Crime and Punishment

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Roman Crime and Punishment
1 Crimes
1.1 theft
1.2 selling underweight bread
1.3 robbery
1.4 street violence
1.5 riots
1.6 serious crimes
1.6.1 rebellion
1.6.2 treason plotting against the Emperor
1.7 being a Christian
2 Law Enforcements
2.1 no Police force
2.2 Provincial Governor
2.2.1 dealt with important legal cases
2.3 Magistrates
2.3.1 dealt with minor cases in court
2.4 Roman legions (army)
2.4.1 controlled locals
2.5 victims
2.5.1 had to find and catch suspect took suspect to local centurion decided if the case should be tried
3 Punishments
3.1 depended on your position in society
3.1.1 see hierarchical nobles sent into exile
3.2 depended on whether you were male of female
3.2.1 see patriarchal
3.3 flogging
3.4 fines
3.5 amputation of limbs
3.6 execution
3.6.1 cricifixion
3.6.2 sewn into a sack of snakes
3.7 forced to become a gladiator
4 Key terms
4.1 hierarchical
4.1.1 A society where some people are more important than others, usually due to money and power.
4.2 partriarchal
4.2.1 A society run by men
4.3 Was the system fair?
4.3.1 yes right to fair trial legal system not based on religion laws written down 12 Tablets of Rome innocent until proven guilty
4.3.2 no no law enforcement harsher punishments for slaves and women hierarchical and patriarchal
4.4 deterrent
4.4.1 no Police Force
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