Belonging in Texts

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Belonging in Texts
1 How are our perceptions of belonging formed in these texts?
1.1 Ideas of belonging & not belonging emerge from CONNECTIONS
1.2 Shaped by historical and modern social context
1.3 Acceptance of individuals is clear
1.4 Identity and relationships are able to form and strengthen
2 The Shawshank Redemption
2.1 Desire to belonging to another world and to leave the new world you have been placed in. Your own world is your own freedom.
2.1.1 Andy thanks the heavens for his freedom, into the world to which he truly feels he belongs and where he is accepted. However, we know that prison life has changed him.
2.2 Belonging to the world in which you are accustomed can lead to alienation in an outside, different world
2.2.1 When brooks is released from prison on parol, he feels lonely, lost and different. he dislikes this new world and, despite being free, wants to return to his friends in pprison
2.3 Belonging in a recognised group can create a gang mentality. E.g. The sisters who abuse their knowledge of prison to abuse Andy
2.4 Belonging separates you other groups, physically, emotionally and mentally, such as how the walls contain the inmates
3 Jasper Jones
3.1 Cultural belonging of those to their ancestry and ethnicity. Such as Vietnamese Jeffrey and half caste Jasper
3.2 Situational belonging - The horrific event of hiding Laura's body created an inexplicable bond between Jasper and Charlie which strengthened throughout the novel.
3.2.1 "Sorry... And so it binds us together, makes us as trodden and sodden as one another." The word "Sorry" is symbolic of the pair's connection
3.3 Not belonging is heavily conveyed through the use of symbolism in order to portray detachment and a feeling of isolation from family and the town of Corrigan
3.3.1 "The Wishart house is crackling furiously from the inside" Metaphorically and literally as Eliza burns all connections with her family.
3.4 Charlie feels accepted and safe with his father due to encouragement and kindness. His mother, however, breaks connections of belonging
4 The Lost Thing
4.1 Contrast of rustic colours of Lost Thing juxtaposes dull grey industrial background indicating his different and ostracisation in society.
4.2 Belonging can be formed due to a feeling of sorrow for another and a connection based upon trust forms, creating a relationship between two unlikely people/things.
4.3 The path to belonging is often long, strenuous and tedious and can change quickly, however, you do eventually reach acceptance.