Social and economic life in the ancieny Egypt

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Social and economic life in the ancieny Egypt
  1. Social life
    1. The most important people were the pharaoh, priests and important government officials. They lived in large houses and palaces made of adobe and stone
      1. The rest of the people lived in small adobe houses. This houses could have from 1 to the 5 storeys.
        1. The ruling cast's children went to school, and they learned how to read and how to write.
          1. In their free time: they played senet, they listened to a person who knew how to read reading something, the ruling cast fished, hunted or practiced gymnastics.
          2. Economic life
            1. The egyptians' economic life was based on Trade and Fluvial agriculture
              1. The Nile was used like the main form of transport for people and goods
                1. They ate the crops that they cultivated (Legumes, grapes...) and they fished from the Nile too.
                  1. They traded with Mesopotamia, Phoenicia and Canaan to the east; with Nubia to the south; with Crete and Greece to the north and with Libya to the west.
                    1. They sold cereals, wine, things made of clay or glass and precious stones
                      1. And they bought wood, slaves and metal
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