Using Our Peat Bogs

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Using Our Peat Bogs
1 5% of IRL covered in peat bogs
1.1 extracted for centuries
1.1.1 cooking/heating
1.2 up to 20th century only basic tools used
1.2.1 1964 - Bord na Mona sped up expoitation of bogs exploits raised bogs deep/flat/a lot of turf Midlands
2 Exploiting our Midland Bogs
2.1 Step 1 - Bogs are prepared
2.1.1 Drainage In the past bogs left because ppl could not drain them With newer technolgy Ditcher digs drains to remove surplus wayer Grader levels the bog Heavy Tractors lay railway tracks
2.2 Step 2 - Peat is harvested
2.2.1 With newer technology milled peat miller scrapes 1/2 cm of bog and tears into tiny fragments left to dry turned over by a harrow to speed it up ridgers gather it into small ridges harvesters
2.2.2 in the past slean used to cut turf sods sods footed and left to dry
2.3 Step 3 - Peat is transported away
2.3.1 in the past animal drawn carts
2.3.2 with newer technology turf trains
2.4 Step 4 - Using the processed peat
2.4.1 in the past sod peat used as household fuel
2.4.2 since bord na mona milled peat for electricity peat briquettes moss peat fertiliser sod peat
3 Future Uses of Bogs
3.1 Used up/preserved?
3.2 What can we do with our cutaway bogs?
3.2.1 coniferous trees can be grown
3.2.2 swampy wetlands for animals
3.2.3 wind farms
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