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A-Levels Geography (Going Global) Mind Map on TNC -Tesco, created by Jodie Goodacre on 05/05/2013.

Jodie Goodacre
Created by Jodie Goodacre over 6 years ago
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TNC -Tesco
1 Began in 1919 as a grocery stall in East London
2 Over the years Tesco's has diversified, now selling products ranging from electronics and home products through to its traditional business of groceries
3 Has been able to grow globally offering a variety of products across the world and across different cultures
4 Operates in 14 markets across Europe, Asia and North America
4.1 UK, China, India, Korea, Japan, Poland, Ireland, Malaysia, Thailand, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Turkey and the USA
5 Their ambition is to be the number one supermarket for local produce
6 They set a target to sell £1 billion of locally sourced products by 2011
7 Main market in the UK
8 In Autumn 2006, Tesco was involved in two scandals over the treatment of workers in factories supplying them in Bangladesh
8.1 Channel 4 news found child labour was being used in four factories
8.2 The second was published by War on Want, which alleged that wages were as low as 5p per hour, with workers often working 80+ hour weeks.
9 After a series of protests at Tesco stores claiming the company was exploiting people on jobseeker's allowance, Tesco announced that it would pay people taken on its work experience schemes
10 6,612 stores
11 Tesco are trying to become greener by using strategies such as: Zero-carbon stores, Carbon labelling, Green store tours, Climate week t-shirts, Recycling , sustainable sourced fish, solar energy, locally produced products, carrier bag alternatives and greener packaging etc...
12 Offer a wide range of competitive benefits in line with labour laws and regulations
13 Pay at leas 75% of the cost of medical, prescription drug, dental and vision coverage after 90 days of employment in the US
14 Offer tuition subsidy for the children of workers in South Korea
15 When Tesco expanded globally in countries such as Thailand, Hungary and the Czech Republic it kept its usual name and branding. However when it entered the US, it named it's stores 'Fresh & Easy Neighbourhood Market'
16 Hourly wage of £7.14 in the UK

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