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GCSE English Literature (Anil) Mind Map on ANIL LANGUAGE, created by Kajal Patel on 04/04/2014.

Kajal Patel
Created by Kajal Patel over 5 years ago
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1 " Because he believed in the magical wonders of life. Because his dreams were bigger than him. "
1.1 Desperate effort to make connection.
1.1.1 Emphasizes on what much star meant to him. Writer gives away on what the star symbolise. How much hard it is for him to keep his belief in ‘magical wonders of life’. How much he wanted the world to be much better by having good. How much desperate he is fulfil his dreams and rise out of this poverty. How he is different- has dreams high than position.
2 "You killed her. You killed your wife."
2.1 How restless this lie has made him to get things right.
2.1.1 As if the incident stuck in his heads. He just can’t stop thinking about it. Just can’t stop himself didn’t do on purpose. He ‘found himself whisper.’
2.2 Perhaps he is tring to put more pressure. :
2.2.1 Become stubborn like a child to prove. His innocence is his greatest strength gives courage.
2.3 The use of ‘you’ hints towards him growing up.
2.3.1 He is using direct address as it has power to speak duet. Might also mean he is growing and demand and recognizes his right to speak.
3 " We will burn her body as soon as possible. What do you all think?"
3.1 Direct use of common and imperative.
3.1.1 Shows the level of authority he has over them.
3.2 Asks many questions but are rhetorical.
3.2.1 Apparent from the way he is ‘’darting eyes from’’ that he doesn’t want them to answer. Rather its more like a challenge saying as if ‘’what do you all think?’’ There is nothing they could poss think about. Making them feel inferior to speak up.
4 " Deftly, it was tied to the branch and a noose was formed with the other end. Anil could see the hands that expertly tied the noose. "
4.1 Use of adverbs ‘deftty’ and ‘expertly’ show how hands are use skilfully.
4.1.1 Gives assumptions that they are competent at doing this as perhaps done this several times. Highlights that this is common in society. Corruption has always been there and will always be there. Also probably they have got away with this several times before. That’s why they have no guilt and courageous to do it as silence permits.

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