English paper-IGCSE

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English paper-IGCSE
1 There is only three questions
2 It is two hours long
3 Q1
3.1 20 marks
3.1.1 15 marks for understanding the text
3.1.2 5 marks for the quality of writing (SPAG)
3.2 Use passage A for this question
3.3 Don't use quotes from the text.
3.3.1 It needs to all be in your own words but be based on the text Don't make any thing up that the text wouldn't back up. Example: don't put he/she is sad if the text is saying she is happy
3.4 Will be asked to write as if you are some one
3.5 Will be asked to write: a letter, report,diary entry or an inter view
4 Q2
4.1 10 marks
4.2 Answer part A and part B
4.3 This question will require quotes
4.4 You need to explain what these quotes suggest and why the writer has used them..
4.5 This is about the writers effect.
4.5.1 Pick key techniques and words and say what they suggest/why the writer used them
4.5.2 This will be for what the questions are asking you about
5 Q3
5.1 Will need to use passage B and possible passage A
5.2 Quotes are not need for this question
5.2.1 Own words are used
5.3 summarise is needed
5.4 No explaining is required

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