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Everything you need to know about atoms for the 1st Semester Exam.

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  1. Electrons
    1. Negative Charge
      1. Outside Nucleus
        1. Move Around
        2. Nuclues
          1. Contain Protons And Nuetrons
            1. Don' Move Around
            2. Democritus
              1. Discovered the atom
                1. Greek Meaning- "Can't be divided"
                2. Said that all things are made of atoms
                  1. Different matter is made of different atoms
                  2. John Dalton
                    1. Said that you can't see atoms
                      1. Different matter is made of different atoms
                        1. His ideas became known as "Atomic Theory of Matter"
                        2. Atomic Number
                          1. Tells the number of protons in the nucleus
                            1. If neutral, it tells you number of electrons as well
                              1. Top number
                              2. Atomic Mass Number
                                1. Tells how many protons added to the number of neutrons
                                  1. Can subtract from the Atomic Number to find the number of just the neutrons
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