Hati earthquake 2010 (ledc) mag 7

rhys evans
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rhys evans
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GCSE Geography (restless earth) Mind Map on Hati earthquake 2010 (ledc) mag 7, created by rhys evans on 12/14/2016.

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Hati earthquake 2010 (ledc) mag 7
  1. primary impacts
    1. more than 300,000 people died
      1. 70% of buildings were destroyed due to poor infrastructures and lack of steel in the concreat
        1. pankaking of buildings
          1. 230,000 were injured
            1. 5,000 criminals escaped during the earthquake
            2. secondary impacts
              1. 1 million were homeless
                1. remaining hospitals were overcrowded
                  1. Crime in IDP camps
                    1. cholera outbreak in IDP camps
                    2. short term
                      1. international rescue teams searched for survivors
                        1. 1 billion was promised
                          1. dead bodies removed to stop disease
                          2. long term
                            1. IDP camps
                              1. US engineers restored crones, piers, buildings at the ports
                                1. free fresh water supplied months after
                                  1. only 2% of the debri was moved months after
                                  2. facts
                                    1. constructive plate boundaries
                                      1. 13 km down was very shallow so was extreme
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