Pesticide poisoning caused toddler's death

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Pesticide poisoning caused toddler's death
1 Types
1.1 chemical poisning
1.1.1 how it enters inhalation ingestion absorption injection
1.1.2 causes food drug alcohol carbon monoxide heavy metal radon chemical
1.1.3 signs & symptoms Feeling and being sick Diarrhea. Stomach pain. Drowsiness, dizziness Chills (shivering). Breathing difficulties. Producing more saliva than normal. Seizures (fits). Loss of consciousness
1.1.4 medical tests to identify poisoning blood RBC cholinesterase test urine liver function check for ALT, AST, ALP kidney function check for urea, creatinine, eGFR,dissolved salts, blood stool sample Autopsy to determine the cause of death to collect evidence from the body legal approach to autopsies in the UAE All gross analysis of surgical and autopsy tissue are preformed by a qualified pathologist
1.1.5 poison affects on synapses cholinesterase inhibited by poison more stimulation enzyme that hydrolyzes Ach inhibits over-contraction
1.1.6 manegment first aid of poisoning ABC-DEF Rule A: airways B: breathing C: circulation D: decontamination E:Enhance Elimination F:Fluids or Fluids replacement medically induced coma last line treatment of status epilepticus to protect brain in major neurosurgeries pentobarbital thiopental invasive hemodynamic moitoring history tacking if the patient was counscious we ask him if not we ask anyone was in the scence
1.1.7 treatment hemodialysis treat the metabolic acidosis causes lactic acidosis ketoacidosis renal tubular acidosis imbalance of acid and base to restore the proper balance of electrolytes
1.1.8 long term effect immune system nervous system lungs liver reproductive health
1.2 food poisning
1.2.1 causes toxic agents poisnous mushrooms improperly prepared food pesticides found on fruits infectious agents parasite viruses bacteria staphylococcus aureus bacillus cereus clostridium botulinum c.perfringenes campylobacter
1.2.2 symptoms nausea & vomiting diarrhea stomach cramps
1.2.3 occurs when improper handling food preperation food storage
2 The nervous system
2.1 autonomic nervous system
2.1.1 sympathetic short preganglionic & long postganglionic increase blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate
2.1.2 parasymapthetic long preganglionic & short postganglionic decrease blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate
2.2 somatic nervous system
2.3 communicate through
2.3.1 synapses electrical synapses free movement of ions from cell to another chemical synapses neurotransmitters adrenergic pathway receptors alpha beta release dopamine types adrenaline GABA endorphines cholinergic pathway release Ach receptors muscarinic nicotinic depolarization and Ca2+ channels open, influx of Ca2+, neurotransmitters diffuse across the synaptic cleft
3 safety measurements of children at home
3.1 prevent falls
3.2 prevent burns and scalds
3.3 safe around glass
3.4 electrical safety
3.5 prevent poising
4 delivering bad news to a child
4.1 get yourself under control
4.2 talk about death in age appropriate, clear terms
4.3 encourage children to give voice to their feelings and to participate in activities
5 sibling death
5.1 show grief in many ways
5.1.1 may sleep of cry more than usual
5.1.2 may return to earlier behaviors
5.1.3 complain about aches or pain
5.2 pathological
5.2.1 post traumatic stress disorder treatment cognitive behavioral therapy group therapy anxiety management
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