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Precipates formed when NaOH, AgNO3 and BaCl are added

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1 Sodium Hydroxide solution (NaOH)
1.1 Green ppt
1.1.1 Turns brown Insoluble ppt Iron (II)
1.1.2 Soluble in excess NaOH to form green solution Chrmoium (II)
1.1.3 Insoluble in excess NaOH Nickel (II)
2 adding sodium hydroxide solution (NaOH)
2.1 green ppt
2.1.1 insoluble in excess NaOH nickel (II) iron (II) green ppt turns brown with exposure to air
2.1.2 soluble in excess NaOH to form green solution chromium (III)
2.2 white ppt
2.2.1 insoluble in excess NaOH ppt is off-white and darkens on exposure to air manganese (II) magnesium colourless flame barium pale green flame calcium brick red flame strontium scarlet red flame
2.2.2 soluble in excess NaOH to form a colourless solution zinc (II)
2.3 brown ppt
2.3.1 insoluble in excess NaOH iron (III)
2.4 no ppt
2.4.1 ammonia evolved on warming ammonium
2.4.2 sodium yellow flame
2.4.3 potassium lilac flame
2.5 blue ppt
2.5.1 insoluble in excess NaOH copper (II)
3 adding barium chloride solution (BaCl)
3.1 white ppt
3.1.1 ppt insoluble in dil HCl sulphate BaSO4
3.1.2 ppt soluble in dil HCl sulphite BaSO3
3.1.3 ppt soluble in dil HCl with effervescence carbonate BaCO3
4 adding silver nitrate solution AgNO3
4.1 white ppt
4.1.1 soluble in dil aq NH3 chloride AgCl
4.2 yellow ppt
4.2.1 insoluble in conc aq NH3 iodide AgI
4.3 cream ppt
4.3.1 insoluble in dil aq NH3 but soluble in conc aq NH4 bromide AgBr
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