Tataquara Lodge, Brazil, Ecotourism

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Created by will.kingston over 5 years ago
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Tataquara Lodge, Brazil, Ecotourism
1 environmental benefits
1.1 when built they didn't have to cut down any trees.
1.1.1 these materials also make the building blend in with the environment
1.2 it uses solar power to run lights
1.2.1 rather than burning fossil fuels to generate electricity which is better for the environment
1.3 the food served in the lodge is all locally-produced
1.3.1 this means less fossil fuels are used to transport it than if it came from further away
2 economic benefits
2.1 the lodge is owned by a cooperative of indigenous tribes
2.1.1 rather than a big foreign company so the income it provides goes straight to the local economy
2.2 the lodge uses local produce
2.2.1 more money goes back into the local economy
3 benefits for local people
3.1 the lodge creates jobs for locals
3.2 people in nearby villages are encouraged to visit Tataquara lodge
3.2.1 to sell crafts and perform traditional songs and dances this gives them an income and helps preserve their culture
3.3 profits earned from the lodge are to provide decent healthcare and education for 1000's of people from local tribes
3.3.1 this helps the sustainable development of the area

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