Adult Cardiac Arrest Algorithm - 2015 Standard

Cat Rowe
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Map of adult cardiac arrest protocol

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Adult Cardiac Arrest Algorithm - 2015 Standard
1 Verify scene safety.
1.1 Victim is unresponsive. Shout for nearby help. Activate emergency response system via mobile device. Get AED and emergency equipment.
1.1.1 Look for no breathing or gasping and check pulse simultaneously. Is pulse definitely felt within 10 seconds? Abnormal breathing, has pulse. Provide rescue breathing. Normal breathing, has pulse. Monitor until emergency responders arrive. No breathing, or only gasping, no pulse. Begin CPR. Begin cycles of 30 compressions and 2 breaths. Use AED as soon as possible. AED arrives. Check rhythm, is it a shockable rhythm? Yes, shockable. Give one shock. Resume CPR until prompted by AED. No, unshockable. Resume CPR immediately.
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