Biological Therapies

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A level Psychology A2 (Schizophrenia) Mind Map on Biological Therapies, created by Stephanie Bates on 04/07/2014.

Stephanie Bates
Created by Stephanie Bates over 5 years ago
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Biological Therapies
1.1 Phenothiazine linked to antihistamine drugs for cold + asthma.
1.1.1 Derivative, chlorpromazine =eff/ calming sym/s SZ.
1.2 Block eff/s of dopamine = reduce symp/s. - Dop/ ANTAGONISTS - bind to dop/ receptors (D2 recep/s) - do not stimulate thus block action.
1.3 By reducing stimulation dop/ recep/s - reduce acute, pos/ symp/s (e.g...)
1.4 Pos/ Symp/s: most common treatment. Eff/ for 70%. Julien (2005) - reduce pos/ symp/s + decrease av/r length time hospitalised. Relatively norm/ life in community. "Long Stay" to "Short Stay" condition.
1.5 Wide Range Symp/s: eff/ for some not others. Substantial proportion not helped.
1.6 When to Measure: episodic - periods symp/ free.
1.7 Placebo Effects: Receiving attention, therapist / benefitting specific therapy. Overcome by using control group (waiting list patients)
1.8 APPROPRIATENESS: Side Effects: serious - 20-25% disordered motor movements (tremors, involuntary tics (Tardive Dyskenesia))
1.8.1 50% stop 1st year. Harm - ppl prefer not to take.
2.1 Range of drugs as eff/ as conventional but avoid problems.
2.2 Clozapine - eff/ pos/ symp/s when indiv/s resistant to phenothiazines.
2.2.1 Temporarily block D2 recep/s + rapidly dissociate norm/ dop/ transmission.
2.2.2 Characteristic responsible for lower levels side eff/s (Tardive Dys/)
2.2.3 Block SEROTONIN recep/s - precise biochemical mechanisms unclear.
2.3 Neg/ Symp/s: deLima et al (2005) - atypical improve neg/ symp/s. = More eff/
2.4.1 Fewer Side Eff/s: main advantages, motor side eff/s sig/ reduced. Lower likelihood Tardive Dysk/. Convential - 30% 9 months showed TD / 5% atypical (Jeste et al, 1999)
2.4.2 Relapse Rates Lower: more likely perservere. = more app/.
2.4.3 Serious Side Effects: Fewer but serious. Immune system = AGRANULOCYTOSIS - lowers white blood cells. Vulnerable to infection = fatal. 1%-2% patients. Blood monitored regularly - expensive, time consuming. Commitment + time for correct dosage.
2.4.4 Ethical Issues: (Hallucinations, delusions - not able to give informed consent