Ideal Dentist

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this is a concept map for my medical education presentation

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Ideal Dentist
1 Ethical codes of practice
1.1 Ethics: The moral principles or virtues that govern the character and conduct of an individual or a group
1.2 Issues
1.2.1 Child abuse
1.2.2 Medical error
1.3 Conduct
1.3.1 Comfortable with close people interaction
1.3.2 Inappropriate relationships
1.3.3 Honest comment
1.3.4 Care
1.4 Confidentiality
1.4.1 Understanding between patient and dentist
1.4.2 Privacy
1.5 Autonomy (Self governance)
1.5.1 Patient should be educated regarding the treatment
1.5.2 Given information should be easily understoof
1.5.3 Treat the patient according to his/her desire
2 Clinical Competence
2.1 Skills
2.1.1 communication Examination Interview History
2.1.2 Personal Experience Motivation
2.1.3 Patience
2.1.4 Ability of working for long hours
2.1.5 Good ethical grounding
2.2 clinical judgement
2.2.1 Decision making Obtained information by patient Total knowledge of the situation
2.2.2 Critical thinking thinking outside the box
2.3 Knowledge
2.3.1 Problem solving Referring for advice
3 Professionalism
3.1 Roles and Responsibilities
3.1.1 Self Self discipline Regularly educate themselves Latest new dental descoveries Treatment techniques
3.1.2 Patient Promote oral health and prevention of diseases Advising patients Teach them how to floss Teach them how to brush Appropriate diet Referring patients to specialists when required Orthodontics Endodontics Prosthodontics Restoring and replacing teeth that have been damaged through disease or injury Remove decay from teeth Fill cavities Examine x rays of teeth, gums, the jaw, and nearby areas for problems Straighten teeth
3.1.3 Immediate work colleagues Working with a medical nurse Punctuality
3.1.4 Profession Satisfactory and timely treatment Quality of Service Uncontaminated tools Up to date, advanced techcology
3.2 Professionalism: The competence or skill expected of a professional and the key to quality
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