Scottish Courts - Modern Studies

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Modern studies mind map of Scottish Court system

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Scottish Courts - Modern Studies
1 Justice of the Peace Court
1.1 Longest prison sentence which can be imposed: 60 days
1.2 Maximum fine of up to £2500
1.3 Minor offences such as breach of the peace, going through red light, drunk and disorderly
2 Sheriff Court
2.1 Deals with more serious cases such as assault and drink driving
2.2 Summary procedure - no jury present.
2.3 Sheriff may impose prison sentences of up to 3 months-12 months and fines up to £10,000
2.4 Range of non custodial options: community payback and probation
3 High Court
3.1 Scotland's highest criminal court. Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen
3.2 Deals with most serious crimes: murder, rape, armed robbery, drug offences.
3.3 Solemn procedure: jury of 15
3.4 Judge decides sentences. Unlimited fines and imprisonment
3.5 Custodial and non-custodial options
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