Human Resource Mananagement System

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Human Resource Mananagement System
1 Recruitment & Selection
1.1 Attract & Hire (ompatible Skills & abilities)
1.1.1 At Zappos, potential new hires are interviewed by the human resources, to make sure they work well in Zappos's culture, as well as the deparmtent doing the hiring to determine the candidates' suitability for the position. In case HR and the hiring manager disagree in thier assessment of an applicant, the CEO interviews the applicant and makes a decision
1.1.2 In fall every year, Fog Creeks, the software company, sends presonilized letters to computer science majors across the USA who have the potentional to be top developers and seeks recommendations from professors. Those who do well in the phone interview will be invited for a full day interviews.
2 Training & Development
2.1 Developing skills & abilities
2.1.1 Also at Zappos, the customer loyalty team new hires are offered 2 weeks of classroom traning followed by 2 week of traning in ansering calls. On the other hand employees who have spend aprox. 2 years have over 200 hours of classroom training and development and are required to read 9 business books , while experienced employees recieve training in areas such as financial planning and public speaking.
3 Performance Appraisal & Feedback
3.1 Info leading to good HR Decisions | Control System
4 Pays and Benfits
4.1 Distributed on the basis of performance appraisal
4.1.1 Cafeteria-style benefit plan is a plan from which employees can choose the benifits they want
5 Labor Relations
5.1 Develop & maintain good working relationships with labor unions
5.1.1 Speeding up production lines, although it produces profit, it might hurt employees as they are forced to work at a rapid pace and can be injured. In case no additional pay was recieved workers can form a union to represent workers' interests.
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