IGCSE Electrolysis

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IGSCE combined science chemistry (C5) electricity & chemistry

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IGCSE Electrolysis
1 electrodes
1.1 cathode
1.1.1 negative electrode attracts positive ions hydrogen & metals gain electrons if touch cathode
1.2 anode
1.2.1 positive electrode attracts negative ions non-metals lose electrons if touch anode
2 a process in which electricity is used to break compounds down into their elements
3 solution has to be liquid
3.1 to conduct the electricity
3.1.1 is called: electrolyte
4 example: CuCl2 (copper cloride)
4.1 Cu+2 goes to cathode
4.1.1 gains 2 electrons and becomes Cu, so copper is formed around the cathode
4.2 Cl-1 goes to anode
4.2.1 loses 1 electron and becomes Cl, so chorine gas is released above the anode CuCl2 -> Cu + Cl2
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