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1 Salmonella
1.1 Cycle of transmission
1.2 Salmonellosis
1.2.1 Secretion system Type 1 & 2
1.2.2 Effector proteins SopE Membrane ruffling SipA Aids process SipB Induce inflammation SopA Neutrophils-inflammation Sif Forms filaments Ssef Redirests golgi traffic
2 Shigella
2.1 Shigellosis
2.1.1 Virulance factors IpaC Cdc42 & Rac1 Actin polymerisation IpaD lossens focal adhesions VirA Rho GTPases Destabilises microtubules VirF Induces gene expression at 37 Shigella protrusions IcsA Binds N-WASP
2.1.2 Secretion system Type 3 LPS glucosylation
3 Helicobacter Pylori
3.1 Symptoms
3.1.1 Gastic ulcers
3.1.2 Duodenal ulcers
3.1.3 Inflammation MALT lymphoma gastric carcinoma
3.2 Virulence factors
3.2.1 Flagella
3.2.2 Urease Diagnosis 13C urea test pH sensitive biopsy
3.2.3 Adhesins
3.2.4 Secretion systems Type 4
3.2.5 CagA toxins SHP2 activated Erk Map Kinase Hummingbird phenotype Increased motility
3.2.6 Vacuolating toxins Hexameric pore Apoptosis P37 P58
3.2.7 LPS immune mimcry

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