Upper Class Identity

Yasmine King
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Summary of Upper class identity

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Upper Class Identity
  1. Workplace
    1. Scott
      1. Old boy network; contacts operate informally through membership of London clubs. The life long contacts are central in furthering the careers and enables them to have more influence in future jobs
        1. Inclusion
    2. Peer Group
      1. Scott
        1. Public school and Oxbridge geared to life long friendship and networking beyond school days which contributes to the idea of an intergrated elite
          1. Social Closure
      2. The family
        1. Scott
          1. Share a common background, members of the fairly small number of wealthy extended families. Normally connected by marraige
            1. Social Closure
          2. Scott
            1. Social closure through; 1. Encouragement to marry other upper class 2. Immersion of children into a culture of privilege
          3. Media
            1. High culture
              1. Classical music, Art Ballet, Polo and Blood Sports
                1. Its artistic merit and aesthetic qualities that can only be appreciated by those with good breeding
              2. Education
                1. Scott
                  1. Education obtained is less important than the socialisation into ethos and culture.
                  2. Public schools and Oxbridge
                    1. Kenway
                      1. Private educated school girls, gain status and self esteem by devaluing state educated kids
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