Middle Class Identity

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Summary of Middle class identity

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Middle Class Identity
  1. Family
    1. Encourages achievement with regards to education
      1. Deferred Gratification
      2. King and Raynor
        1. They reinforce attitudes and values about the importance of educational success
          1. Positive and negative sanctions
        2. King and Raynor
          1. child centered parenting is a distinctive feature
        3. Education
          1. Hidden Curriculum rewards middle class values
            1. Bourdieu
              1. school helps to socialise into middle class identities
                1. Role models. Imitation, rewards and sanctions
              2. Bourdieu
                1. They have values, knowledge, leisure interests and levels of language skills at home that are similar to how school is set up.
                  1. Cultural Capital
              3. Peer Group
                1. Constantly striving and hence compete with peers for recognition
                  1. Goodwin
                    1. middle class mothers define their identities by peer approval. Yummy Mummies defined by peer approval on maternal capabilities, glamour and styles and the experiences of their children
                    2. Saunders
                      1. Consumption
                    3. Media
                      1. They target the middle class because they have the highest disposable income
                        1. Saunders
                          1. Conspicuous consumption buying products to show of your wealth
                        2. Workplace
                          1. Wright
                            1. Occupy a contradictory class position. They are both exploited and exploit
                          2. Traditionally Professional or managerial careers
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