William Paley's watch

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William Paley's watch
1 Four parts of the analogy
1.1 1. He compared a stone on the ground to a watch he could potentially find
1.2 2. He said the watch was designed for an obvious purpose and the stone does not have an obvious purpose
1.3 3. The watch is intricately designed in such a way that if one piece was out of place it wouldn't work
1.4 4. He decided that the watch must have a maker who designed its use
1.4.1 The complexity of the watch is similar to that of nature and the universe A watch is designed and made by someone Therefore, the world must have a maker/designer
2 Qua Regularity
2.1 Paley suggests that the rotation of ellipses of planets is so regular as to provide the opportunity for human life
2.1.1 Example: Gravity Regularity did not come about by chance but directed to be the case by a higher power This is God Without the continuity or regularity of gravity we would have a very different universe
3 Qua Purpose
3.1 Complex parts coming together in a certain way
3.1.1 If the parts come together in a different way it wouldn't fulfil its purpose
3.1.2 Example: The human Eye If they eye isn't made in a certain way, it wouldn't work You wouldn't see at all or would be partially sighted

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