Quaestorship 75 BC

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Quaestorship 75 BC
1 Campaign/run up
1.1 Cicero had just come back from the Greek East and Asia Minor
1.1.1 He had gone with: Quintus - brother Atticus - friend Lucius - cousin Terentia - wife Marriage had helped to increase his support base
1.1.2 To learn + improve himself psychically (to improve his oratorical career)
1.1.3 He had also become richer - due to a huge sum of money from a legacy
1.2 Voters were lured to Rome for the election due to the games + festivals
1.2.1 Cicero was voted 'in first place'
1.3 Cicero was allotted the post of quaestor in western Sicily
2 Significance
2.1 Cicero was the first name to be called out
2.2 He had achieved the role in the first year it was available to him
2.3 Taught him 3 important lessons
2.3.1 1 - He needed to create a personal support group to compensate for his lack of ancestral ties
2.3.2 2 - An advantage was the opportunity it opened in his oratorical career During his farewell speech he promised to serve as a patron of the Sicilian people, if they ever needed his services as an advocate - they called upon this in 70 BC, the Verres Trial
2.3.3 3 - There was a great value to be placed on seeing + being seen in Rome
2.4 Due to promising to serve as a patron pf the Sicilians in his farewell speech - in 70 BC he was asked to defend them in the trial of Verres
3 Events
3.1 There had been a shortage of grain in Sicily
3.1.1 Sicily had acquired an important rep as 'the nation's warehouse'
3.1.2 Led to increasing demands being made upon the farmers to raise the supply they made to Rome
3.2 Cicero's evident care for the provincials + his eye for justice made him the most popular quaestor among the Sicilians
3.3 Cicero did raise the amount the farmers needed to send to Rome, but his sense of fairness and leniency won him many friends
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