The New Deal - Alphabet Agencies

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The New Deal - Alphabet Agencies
1 EBA - Emergency Banking Act
1.1 People had lost faith in banks
1.2 In March 1933, Roosevelt closed banks for 4 days
1.2.1 Only properly managed banks could reopen
1.3 Restored public confidence in banks
2 AAA - Agricultural Adjustments Administration
2.1 Designed to help farmers
2.1.1 Farmers had suffered much during the depression
2.2 Paid farmers to produce less food
2.2.1 This was hoped to make prices rise
2.2.2 Controversial as many people in the USA were hungry and poor
2.3 Provided relief and maintained employment
3 FERA - Federal Emergency Relief Administration
3.1 Gave aid to the needy
3.1.1 Provided relief
3.2 $500 million spent on providing clothing and soup kitchens
4 CWA - Civil Works Adminsitration
4.1 Aimed to provide short-term jobs (employment relief)
4.2 4 million jobs created building and improving roads
4.3 Ended after winter of 1933-34
5 PWA - Public Works Administration
5.1 Aimed to organise long-term work schemes
5.1.1 Built schools, hospital etc.
5.2 Only skilled workers benefitted
6 WPA - Works Progress Administraiton
6.1 Helped build roads and public buildings
6.2 Employed 2 million Americans
7 CCC - Civilian Conservation Corps
7.1 Gave work to single, unemployed men for 6 months
7.1.1 Planted trees, cleared land and made reservoirs Payment was food, clothing, shelter and pocket money
8 NRA - National Recovery Administration
8.1 Designed to help workers and bosses
8.2 Minimum wage agreed on for workers
8.3 Working conditions agreed on
9 HOLC - Home Owners Loan Corporation
9.1 Designed to help people who were struggling to pay mortgage
9.2 Lent people money to pay thier mortgage
9.2.1 Stopped people from losing homes
10 TVA - Tennessee Valley Authority
10.1 Tennessee Valley had high unemployment
10.1.1 Jobs made building dams Land became more fertile; fewer floods
10.1.2 Sporting and leisure facilities were created
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