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A-Levels Geography (Going Global) Mind Map on EasyJet, created by Jodie Goodacre on 05/06/2013.

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1 In 1995 Sir Stelios Haji-loannu founded easyJet
2 Began as a small airline that ran flights soley within the UK
3 When the airline was established in 1995 there were only 2 aircrafts
4 In 1996 flights to Barcelona commenced which consequently expanded the company
5 Had the slogan 'Making flying as affordable as a pair of jeans'
6 In 1997 they launched their online website
7 In 1999 the first series of Arline is shown on ITV in September
8 In 1998 easyJet buys a 40% stake of Swiss harter operation TEA basel AG in March. It later renamed it easyJet Switzerland
9 In 2000 they sold two million seats online
10 By September 2000 85% of seats are sold through their website
11 In June 2001, www.easyJet.com was named the second largest UK travel site
12 1999 easyJet Switzerland moves to Geneva, which becomes the third airport bases and the first base outside the UK
13 In December 2001, London Gatwick becomes the fifth base
14 In 2002 Stansted, East Midlands and Bristol become bases
15 In November 2003 they announced a new base at Berlin Schonefeld, dramatically expanding the existing network with the addition of 11 new routes
16 In 2004 easyJet was the first to take advantage of the newly enlarged European Union by starting flights to Hungary and Slovenia
17 easyJet was first to remove the weight restriction for hand luggage in 2004
18 In 2005 (May) they introduced a new group booking facility, allowing passengers to book up to 40 seats in one booking
19 Hit their 100 millionth passenger flight in 2005
20 Offers 500 routes
21 People are travelling to other countries to work and then go home at the weekends
22 easyJet has provided a service allowing tourism and immigration
23 People can travel for business meetings and return in the same day
24 Helps switch on places
25 Improves economy in both host and source countries
26 Connects places
27 Tourism boost
28 Cheap travel
29 More freedom
30 Culturally and ethnically diverse
31 Improves trade
32 Cultural identity may be lost
33 Places such as Talinn may get a bad reputation. As it is now a tourist destination for stag and hen parties
33.1 These tourist areas can lead to high rates of STIs
34 Green land is destroyed where airports are placed which leads to protests
35 Air pollution created causing an unclean atmosphere
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