Heaven and Earth Mind Map

Meredith Bowden
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Meredith Bowden
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The Bible Project Mind Map over facts about Heaven and Earth

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Heaven and Earth Mind Map
1 definition of "heaven"
1.1 "the sky"
1.1.1 "God's space" as a metaphor "God's space" in contrast with earth presence rather than literal sky location
2 overlapping dimensions of divine space and human space
2.1 Jacob's dream
2.1.1 burning bush Moses' encounter with God's presence on Mt. Sinai
2.2 overlapping spaces associated with Temples
2.2.1 Genesis 2 - Garden of Eden Exodus and 1 Kings (relation to garden) Solomon's chosen temple in Jerusalem
3 New Creation
3.1 rejoining of heaven and earth
3.1.1 "renewal of all things" -Jesus "restoration of all things" -Peter "creation itself will be liberated from bondage to decay" -Paul
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