Developments in Digital Forms of Communication - OCR A2 SOCIOLOGY

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This is a mind map on the 'Developments In Digital Forms of Communication', part of the 'Globalisation and the Digital Social World' section in the OCR Component 3 exam: Debates in Contemporary Society.

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Developments in Digital Forms of Communication - OCR A2 SOCIOLOGY
1 Globalisation
1.1 Wiseman
1.1.1 The term 'globalisation' can be misused and misunderstood
1.2 Giddens
1.2.1 Intensification of worldwide relations where local happenings are shaped by events miles away
2 Networked Global Society
2.1 Castells
2.1.1 We are moving from an industrial age to an information age, as a result of digital communication
2.2 Social Capital
2.3 In the post-industrial society, the focus is on information as a result of new forms of digital communication
3 Global Village
3.1 McLuhen
3.1.1 the world that has been “shrunk” by modern advances in communications
4 Virtual Communities
4.1 Boelstorff
4.1.1 Second Life No 'patrolling' the site or restrictions
4.2 Carter
4.2.1 Cyber City People are putting the same amount of effort into online and offline relationships
4.3 A social network of individuals who create an online community
5 Media Convergence
5.1 Boyle
5.1.1 Digitalisation allows media convergence
5.2 Different kinds of information can be combined and delivered in one format
6 Digital Revolution
6.1 Extension/Development
6.2 New Platforms
6.3 Massive and rapid changes/advances in technology massively affecting lives
7 Big Data
7.1 Large Data Sets
7.2 Features
7.2.1 Velocity
7.2.2 Volume
7.2.3 Variability
7.2.4 Variety
7.2.5 Complexity
8 Social Media
8.1 Miller
8.1.1 'Why we post'
8.1.2 Cyworld
8.2 Any digital communication platform
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