Impact of Digital Communication - OCR A2 SOCIOLOGY

Millie Salt
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A mind map showing the impact that globalisation has on ones identity, social inequalities and relationships. Part of the OCR Sociology A Level, as Component 3: Debates in Contemporary society, in the Globalisation and the Digital Social World section.

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Impact of Digital Communication - OCR A2 SOCIOLOGY
1 Relationships
1.1 Turkle
1.1.1 Alone Together
1.2 Granovetter
1.2.1 Measuring relationships Time Intensity Intimacy Reciprocity
1.3 Zhao
1.3.1 Connective activities = social ties
1.3.2 Krut et al Those with online social connections also have offline relationships
1.4 Feld
1.4.1 We use social networking sites to eveluate ourselves and others.
1.5 Miller
1.5.1 Tales from Facebook
1.6 Shaw and Grant
1.6.1 Positives of the internet Decreases loneliness and depression
2 Identity
2.1 Case
2.1.1 We are all cyborgs now
2.2 Ellison
2.2.1 Identity constructed by user
2.3 Elliot
2.3.1 Fragmented Identity
3 Social Inequalities
3.1 Gender
3.1.1 Lil and Kirkup Study of gender differences in Britain and China
3.2 Class
3.2.1 Mertens and D'Haenens Lower class have less access to the internet and use it for entertainment Upper class have more access to the internet and use it for knowledge and gaining information
3.2.2 Knowledge Gap
3.3 Age
3.3.1 Boyle Digital Generation Divide
3.3.2 Berry 79% of people under pension age have internet access, only 37% of people over that age have access to the internet.
3.4 Location
3.4.1 Reasons for a Global Digital Divide Education Physical Access Religion Economy Language Political Unrest Censorship
3.4.2 Industrialised countries are home to 88% of all internet users, yet make up only 15% of the world's population.
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