Environmental and Medical Issues

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[incomplete] Module 2 of RE GCSE Edexcel Unit 8

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Environmental and Medical Issues
1 Pollution
1.1 Causes
1.1.1 Problem of Waste Non-recyclable, releases chemicals into environment
1.1.2 Land Pollution Poor growth, soil erosion etc
1.1.3 Air Pollution Chemical affect natural balance of air, inc acid rain
1.1.4 Water Pollution Eutrophication- dead lake
1.2 Solutions
1.2.1 Water Leave oil reserves in water untouched Avoid using chemical near water
1.2.2 Air Use clean fuels Renewable resources Geothermal power, solar power, nuclear power, water power Non-renewable resources Oi; natural gas; coal Used for: buildings, electricity, transport, products Increase taxes on flights
1.2.3 Waste Improve education on recycling Tax companies producing too much
1.2.4 Land Harsher littering laws Reinforce nuclear plant safety
2 Global Warming
2.1 Effects
2.1.1 Ice caps melting; sea levels rise; floods, land mass decreases
2.1.2 Extreme weather, as Gulf Stream impacted
2.1.3 Animals cannot adapt; become extinct
2.1.4 Droughts and floods
2.2 Solutions
2.2.1 Individuals Smoke/drive less, use less electricity, recycle
2.2.2 Governments Fund research efficient energy resources; tax companies emitting CO2 lots
2.2.3 Scientists Experiment/research energy sources, invent technology lowering CO2 emissions
3 Environment
3.1 Xian
3.1.1 Beliefs Stewardship- care for environment & resources Responsibility- recognise that people need to care for it Authority- having a position of power over it
3.1.2 Teachings "Rule over all living things" God- right to rule&care Judgement Day- judged on...inc caring for Earth Stewardship; Bible importance inheritance of Earth God's anger at ruining environment
3.2 Muslim teachings
3.2.1 Khalifah- responsibility to care for environment
3.2.2 Earth is gift- treat with respect
3.2.3 Brotherhood- all should share in Earth's resources; care for future
3.2.4 Judgement Day- carried out Allah's wishes inc "stewards of the earth"

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