Holistic Approaches to Child Health

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Created by caragraham123 over 5 years ago
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Holistic Approaches to Child Health
1 Dimensions of Health
1.1 Physical
1.2 Emotional
1.3 Cognitive
1.4 Social
1.5 Spirtitual
1.6 Environmental
2 Theoretical Approach to Health
2.1 Maslow
2.1.1 Hierarchy of Needs
2.1.2 Each skill must be met before progressing to the next.
2.2 Pringle
2.2.1 All needs are inter-related and interdependent
2.2.2 Importance of environment
2.2.3 focused on psycho-social needs
2.2.4 4 emotional needs
3 Basic Health Needs
3.1 Food
3.1.1 Essential for growth & repair, provides energy and warmth, helps fight diseases and maintains proper functioning of body systems
3.2 Hygiene
3.2.1 Helps prevent infection, allows skin to function properly, helps prevent skin problems, increases self esteem and social acceptance, good habits establish a pattern for later life
3.3 Rest and Sleep
3.3.1 Allows body to recuperate, growth hormones are released during sleep to renew tissues, allows the central nervous system to rest.
3.4 Physical Activity and Exercise
3.4.1 Stimulates appetite, strengthens muscles, improves concentration, raises confidence and self esteem, promotes interaction and cooperation
3.5 Fresh Air/Pollution/Sunlight
3.5.1 Stimulates central nervous system, sunlight provides vitamin D which is needed for healthy bones and teeth, lively active and happy,
3.6 Love and Affection
3.6.1 Confidence, self worth, self esteem.
4 Screening
4.1 Performed by health professionals
4.2 Identify problems which may need further investigation
4.3 Development, Hearing, Vision, Specific Medical Conditions
5 Professionals involved in the Promotion of Child Health
5.1 GP
5.2 Health Visitor
5.3 School Nurse
5.4 Dietician
5.5 Dentist
5.6 Social Worker
5.7 Teacher
6 Factors Affecting the Health of Children
6.1 Poverty
6.2 Poor Housing
6.3 Pollution
6.4 Family Structure
6.5 Social Class
7 Changing Lifestyles
7.1 Convenience Foods
7.2 Stress
7.3 Crime
7.4 Exercise
7.5 Drug and Alcohol Misuse
7.6 Health/Wealth Gap

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