External factors and ethnic differences in achievement

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External factors and ethnic differences in achievement
1 Cultural deprivation
1.1 Intellect and linguistics
1.1.1 Bereiter and Engleman say language is a barrier in black WC families Bowker agrees Swann Report suggests otherwise Indian students 2nd highest
1.2 Attitudes and values
1.2.1 Lack motivation
1.3 Family structure
1.3.1 Murray - lone-parent families lack role models
1.3.2 Lupton argues adult authority in Asian families mimics schools
1.3.3 WC = weak parental support
1.4 Criticisms
1.4.1 Driver - fails to looks at positive affects Black girls have strong role models
2 Material deprivation and class
2.1 Bangladeshi and Pakistani more likely to have overcrowded homes and do poorly in school
2.2 However, even black MC do not achieve well at GCSE
3 Racism in wider society
3.1 Noon sent identical letters under different names to companies - higher reply for White than Indian letter
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