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Eva Smith
1 Represents the working class
1.1 As she was a woman and from the working class - and society was very sexist and socially concsious at this time - she was seen as the lowest point in society's hierarchy. Priestley did this to show that even a lower class girl like her, who would be cast aside and judged, was a normal, honest and kind girl. In fact, she is the centre of the play rather than one of the upper class Birlings; Priestley is showing that it doesn't matter where she is placed in a hierarchy, we should accept that she is a good person who was badly treated and we should sympathise with her, not distance ourselves from her, as the Birlings seem to do
1.2 Judged on this by Mrs Birling, who is prejudiced against her and so refuses help without even hearing her story; generalises her, expects her to be worthless or dishonest


  • "As if a girl of that class would ever refuse money!" (Mrs Birling)
1.3 Generalised by Birlings, Inspector mocks this by saying there are thousands of Eva Smiths and John Smiths out there
1.4 Judged on her social class by Birlings even though she is similar to Sheila and is more honest than any one of the Birlings or the upper class. We have already seen that the upper classes are corrupt; they lay out rules but don't follow them themselves, they are all hypocritical and should be judged on the way they judge others e.g Eric talks about seeing some of Mr Birling's "respectable friends" with prostitutes even though Birling has already condemned Eva as a prostitute, but ignores his friends doing the same
1.4.1 In this way, she should be seen as superior to the upper classes because she is a nicer person and should be judged on her personality and good moral values, not class. If the classes were rearranged in order of the best personality and morals, Eva would be in the upper class and the Birlings would be in the lower class
2 Represents a normal, everyday person
2.1 Although she had to earn money by picking up men from the Palace Theatre Bar, she was very honest and didn't want Eric to marry her
2.2 Birling admits she was a nice, hard-working girl


  • "A lively good-looking girl, country bred... a good worker too."
2.3 Shows audience we have to take responsibility so other everyday, innocent people aren't mistreated or exploited by the upper class like she was


  • "One Eva Smith has gone - but there are millions and millions and millions of Eva Smiths and John Smiths still left with us." (Inspector)
3 Judged on appearance
3.1 The Birlings comment that she was pretty, which got Gerald and Eric to notice her
3.2 Sheila got her fired because she was jealous of her beauty

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