Internal factors and girls achievement

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Internal factors and girls achievement
1 Equal opportunities policies
1.1 GIST - Girls into Science and Technology
1.2 NC - science is compulsory
2 Positive role models in school
2.1 Increase in female teachers
2.2 Still more male headteachers
3 GCSE and coursework
3.1 Girls have skills for committed work - reading, writing, inactivity
3.2 Exams have more influence over final grades
3.3 Still need to sit and revise for exams
4 Teacher attention
4.1 Swann - boys dominate class dicsussion
4.2 Swann - boys more negative attention, girls more positive
5 Challenging stereotypes in the system
5.1 Removal of gender stereotypes from textbooks
6 Selection and league tables
6.1 High-achieving girls are attractive to schools
7 Two views of girls achievement
7.1 Liberal feminists
7.1.1 Further progress will be made with positive role models, opportunities etc
7.2 Radical feminists
7.2.1 Sexual harassment still persists
7.2.2 Education still limits subject choice and career
7.2.3 NC seen as a 'woman free zone'
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