Of Mice & Men - Symbols

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1 Animals
1.1 Lennie
1.1.1 dog
1.1.2 horse
1.1.3 bull
1.2 Candy and his dog
1.2.1 George and Lennie
1.3 Curley and his wife
1.3.1 'flopped like a fish' both victims of Lennie's strength the only thing the had in common
1.4 Curley's wife
1.4.1 Lulu she was less important than a dog both controlled by men
1.4.2 Dove final freedom from a life of restriction
2 Circles
2.1 the ranchers' lives
2.2 Lennie's Behaviour
2.2.1 inevitability of Lennie getting into trouble they find somewhere; Lennie does something wrong; they have to run away - > cycle starts again
2.3 The cards ( appearance & the game playing )
2.3.1 It doesn't matter which way you hold the cards the start matches the end
2.4 Structure of the novel as a whole
3 Gloves/ Hands
3.1 Hands = power
3.2 workers hands = unaccustomed to sentimentality
3.3 George = unaccustomed to functionlity
3.3.1 Shaking hands when shooting Lennie
3.4 Candy has only 1 hand
3.4.1 limited power/ usefulness on the ranch
4 God
4.1 functional vs sentimental
4.2 Slim
4.2.1 passes judgement good & bad
4.2.2 understanding
4.2.3 concern and insight
5 Divisions
5.1 the bunk house door
5.1.1 who is/isn't allowed in ?
5.2 Crook's room
5.3 Light and Dark
5.4 Bars of light across Curley's wife when dead
6 Foreshadowing
6.1 Death of candy's dog = death of Lennie
6.2 The woman in Weed wore red = Curley's wife also wearing red
6.3 the increasing impact of Lennie's strength
6.4 the setting
6.4.1 prey and predators
6.5 the structure of the novel as a whole
7 Beginning vs. Ending
7.1 the story begins and ends in the same place
7.2 The idea of predator and prey is present in both
7.2.1 Water-snake and heron
7.2.2 reminder that predators always get their prey

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