Emergence of youth subcultures - OCR A2 SOCIOLOGY

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The first section on youth subcultures from the OCR Sociology A2 exams. This covers why Postmodernists, Marxist, Feminist and functionalists believe youth subcultures emerged

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Emergence of youth subcultures - OCR A2 SOCIOLOGY
  1. Functionalist
    1. Peer subcultures give youth's a sense of belonging which they no longer receive from the family and have not yet experienced from work
      1. Parsons
        1. 'Youth' emerged due to changes in the family associated with development of capitalism
          1. Developments in work required more training and socialisation for young people
            1. 'Right of passage' between childhood and adulthood
            2. Eindstadt
              1. Reduces stress and gives young people a sense of belonging
              2. Abrams
                1. Youth culture created by the media
                  1. Youth emergence linked to youth spending power
                2. Marxist
                  1. Youth subcultures are a form of resistance against the ruling class and a reaction to the economic situation working-class youths found themselves in
                    1. Hall and Jefferson
                      1. Resistance through rituals
                    2. Feminist
                      1. McRobbie and Garber
                        1. Girls are conspicuously absent from most research on youth subcultures
                          1. Mulvey
                            1. Male Gaze
                            2. Bedroom Culture
                        2. Postmodernist
                          1. Youth styles are now much more fluid and changeable
                            1. Manchester Institute of Popular Culture (MIPC)
                              1. No clear identity found in 'club cultures'
                                1. Thornton
                                  1. Subcultural capital
                                    1. Know whats in and out, used to gain status and distinguish from mainstream followers
                                  2. Redhead
                                    1. Media-driven reality
                                      1. Media formed cultures
                                  3. Neo-Tribes
                                    1. Bennett
                                      1. Neo-tribes clear when looking at nightclubs in Newcastle
                                      2. Maffesoli
                                        1. Loosely organised grouping with no fixed membership or commitment
                                        2. Holland and Chatterton
                                          1. Rather than having Neo-tribes, we have the majority of youths characterised by commercial chart music, drinking culture and pleasure-seeking behaviour.
                                        3. Polhemus
                                          1. Supermarket of style
                                        4. Postman
                                          1. Disappearance of childhood
                                            1. Due to media interference and increased learning
                                            2. Youth to stop children facing adult problems
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