Geography Chapter 2

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The elements of weather. Factors influencing the temperature of locations The climate types and where they are experienced

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Geography Chapter 2
  1. Weather
    1. The condition of the atmosphere
      1. At a particular place
        1. particular time
        2. Atmosphere is a layer of air surrounding the earth
        3. Affects how we live from day to day
          1. Describing weather
            1. Sunny
              1. Hot
                1. Windy
                  1. Cloudy
                    1. Rainy
                      1. Snowy
                    2. Climate
                      1. The average condition of the atmosphere
                        1. over a long period of time
                          1. usually over 30 years
                        2. Describing climate
                          1. Warm, dry summers
                            1. Cold, dark winters
                              1. Hot & dry all year around
                            2. Elements of weather
                              1. Temperature
                                1. Degree of hotness or coldness of a place
                                  1. determined by energy from the sun
                                    1. Measured in Celsius, Fahrenheit & Kelvin scales
                                  2. High temperature
                                    1. ABOVE 20 degrees
                                    2. Low temperature
                                      1. BELOW 10 degrees
                                      2. Factors influencing temperature of locations
                                        1. Latitude
                                          1. The distance between any point of earth
                                            1. Measured north or south from the equator
                                            2. Imaginary horizontal lines
                                              1. Running from east to west around the earth
                                              2. Affects temperature
                                                1. Temperature differ between places at lower latitudes and higher latitudes because sun's ray strike at various part of the world at different angles
                                              3. Altitude
                                                1. Distance from sea
                                                  1. Maritime effect
                                                    1. Continental effect
                                                    2. Cloud cover
                                                  2. Relative humidity
                                                    1. The ratio between the actual amount of water vapour present in a mass of air
                                                      1. Measured using a psychrometer
                                                        1. Formula : RH = Atual amount of water vapour in the air (g/m3) / maximum amount of water vapour the air can hold (g/m3) X 100
                                                        2. Clouds
                                                          1. Rainfall
                                                            1. Conventional rainfall
                                                              1. Relief rainfall
                                                                1. Occurs when moist and warm air is forced to rise over landforms such as mountain range
                                                              2. Air pressure
                                                                1. Wind
                                                                  1. Land breeze
                                                                    1. NIGHT
                                                                    2. Sea breeze
                                                                      1. DAY
                                                                      2. Monsoon winds
                                                                        1. Southwest Monsoon
                                                                          1. Northeast Monsoon
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