Themes in Brighton Rock

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Themes in Brighton Rock
  1. Uncertainty
    1. Pinkie is uncertain whether or not he can trust Rose to be quiet about the person she saw leaving the card
      1. Spicer is uncertain about whether or not he is cut out for the criminal world anymore. He thinks he's 'Too old' for it now
        1. Ida is uncertain of whether or not she'll be able to keep the investigation going until she thinks of the idea of getting one of Pinkie's gang members to betray him
        2. Deception
          1. Colleoni deceiving Pinkie about only attacking Spicer, he also gets his men to attack Pinkie
            1. When Ida deceives Dallow by telling him that she has evidence to convict the gang for Hale's murder
              1. Prewitt deceives the law by allowing Pinkie and Rose to marry underage
              2. False perception
                1. Greene creates the character of Ida to seem like she's constantly drunk and is only interested in men. It is because of her detective skills that the crime is sooved
                  1. Rose pretends like she doesn't know what crime has taken place but then we get the impression that she has known all along
                  2. Poverty
                    1. Where Pinkie grew up, having to witness the Saturday night routine because they all had to share a room
                      1. Pinkie contrast what he has with with Colleoni and the Cosmopolitan
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