Tropical Cyclones

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Geography Mind Map on Tropical Cyclones, created by Liffey Farrell on 01/23/2017.

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Tropical Cyclones
1 Typhoon Haiyan
1.1 Philippines
1.2 LEDC
1.3 2nd November 2013
1.4 Wind speeds of over 300 km/h
1.4.1 Saffir-Simpson Scale: 5
1.5 Most damage on the islands of Samar and Leyte
1.6 Estimated 6000 people killed
1.6.1 Many more recorded as missing
1.7 Economic
1.7.1 Estimated damage: US$2 billion
1.7.2 Damage and disruption to infrastructure blocked transport across islands, making provisions of aid and support difficult and expensive.
1.8 Social
1.8.1 Significant loss of power
1.8.2 Estimated 600000 people displaced from their homes Many homes were left destroyed
1.9 Environmental
1.9.1 Mangroves damaged across the islands
1.9.2 Trees uprooted
1.9.3 Oil spills from a tanker caused sea pollution
1.10 Flooding and landslides were reported across the Philippines
1.11 Formed in the South Pacific Ocean, close to the Federated States of Micronesia
2 Hurricane Sandy
2.1 USA
2.2 MEDC
2.3 29th October 2013
2.4 Wind speeds of 129 km/h
2.4.1 Saffir-Simpson Scale: 1
2.5 Social
2.5.1 Death toll was at least 150 people
2.5.2 Many areas left without electricity
2.5.3 Homes and businesses damaged
2.5.4 Schools closed for days
2.6 Economic
2.6.1 Estimated property damage: US$65 billion
2.6.2 Government had to pay for petrol to be brought in as supplies ran out
2.6.3 Income from tourism affected by cancellation of New York Marathon
2.7 Environmental
2.7.1 Storm surge caused significant damage to coastal nature reserves like the Prime
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