Features of a Computer

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Created by NathanD over 6 years ago
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Features of a Computer
1 Processor (CPU)
1.1 Measured in GHZ
1.2 The higher the number the faster it is.
1.3 Does all the calculations
1.4 It is the brains of the computer
2 RAM - Memory
2.1 Temporary memory
2.2 The higher the RAM the more you can do at the same time
2.3 Better graphics and video require more RAM.
3 Hard Drive
3.1 The primary storage area
3.2 Measured in bites (Gigabytes – can get terabytes).
3.3 The bigger the hard drive the more data can be stored.
4 Wireless Enabled
4.1 You can pick up Wi-Fi signals
4.2 Connect to the internet.
4.3 Slower than a cable due to distortion.
4.4 Can’t travel through lots of thick walls.
4.5 Can connect other devices together.
5 USB Connection
5.1 Universal Serial Bus
5.2 Most common on a computer
5.3 Many peripherals are connected this way
5.4 Good to have lots of USB ports
6 Sound/Graphics Card
6.1 Fixes to the main motherboard
6.2 Play, record and display graphics
6.3 If you use a lot of sound/graphics it is an important thing to consider
6.4 Gamers usually have high quality ones.
7 Optical Drive
7.1 CD or DVD drive
7.2 Allows you to install software, listen to music and watch films
7.3 Some allow you to burn CDs/DVD’s
7.4 Useful for data transfer, backup and archiving.

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