Set 2 - Random IT questions

Liz Goddard
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GCSE GCSE ICT Quiz on Set 2 - Random IT questions, created by Liz Goddard on 02/27/2014.

Liz Goddard
Created by Liz Goddard about 5 years ago
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Question 1

Michael and Ryan are members of a team. The team uses an online workspace to work collaboratively to review a previous sports event they took part in. Give three ways the team could use an online workspace to work collaboratively.
  • View the same video and leave comments about it
  • Make notes on the same document
  • Use VOIP to discuss the event

Question 2

Mitch buys a new HD games console. State one other piece of equipment he will need to play games in HD.
  • Controller
  • USB port
  • HDMI cable
  • External hard drive

Question 3

Mitch thinks that games consoles are better than PCs for gaming. State two advantages of using consoles, rather than PCs, for gaming.
  • Ready made controllers
  • Easier to set up than a PC
  • Cheaper than a PC
  • Can talk with friends while playing

Question 4

Modern games consoles are multi-functional devices. Apart from gaming, give two other uses for games consoles.
  • Playing online games
  • Social networking
  • Watching films

Question 5

State what a cookie does.
  • Stores information about a persons browsing history
  • It's a text file stored on your computer
  • Stores information about a persons shopping / viewing habbits

Question 6

Give two reasons why Gia should consider deleting the cookie from her computer.
  • Free up storage space
  • Stop targetted adverts
  • Stop websites automatically launching
  • Stop targetted emails

Question 7

State the name of the © symbol.
  • Copyprotect
  • Copyright
  • Creative Commons

Question 8

Michael has a blog. He uses a search engine to find an image for his blog. Explain Michael's legal responsibilities when using images.
  • He can only use an image if he has the owner's signature
  • He can only use an image if he has the owner's permission
  • He can only use if it is clip art
  • He can use it if it has a Creative Commons licence

Question 9

Mitch enjoys playing computer games. Mitch asks Lee to copy a game for him. State why Lee must not do this.
  • It is illegal to play a game on another device
  • It is illegal to copy software
  • It might damage Lee's device if he does

Question 10

Many gaming companies allow users to download games straight to their console. Give one advantage to the company of allowing this.
  • Saves money
  • Saves the planet
  • Saves money because they don't have to produce so many CDs/DVDs and on distributing the game

Question 11

Explain two environmental benefits of downloading games rather than buying them on disk.
  • Carbon footprint will be reduced as less power / fewer resources used.
  • Less packaging means fewer resources are used & less waste produced
  • Saves time
  • The consoles are smaller so less plastic used to make them

Question 12

Stevie has found a site that is offering free downloads of all the latest chart songs. Stevie should not download songs from this site because:
  • The songs take too long to download
  • It is likely to be illegal
  • There is a high risk of downloading a virus
  • The site requires a log in

Question 13

State two possible drawbacks of downloading from this site.
  • He may not be downloading the track he wants
  • He may also download malware
  • He may get charged after all

Question 14

Stevie needs to protect his computer from unsafe downloads. State one way he can do this.
  • Don't go on to sites he doesn't know
  • Turn off his computer when he is not using it
  • Install anti-virus software & update it regularly

Question 15

Stevie logs into a site to buy some music. He sees a symbol of a padlock in his browser address bar. What does this symbol mean?
  • The website is locked and cannot be used
  • It is not safe to use the website
  • Data on the site is encrypted
  • There might be a virus on the website

Question 16

State two other ways that browsers display security information.
  • The address bar has a green section in it
  • The web address starts with https://
  • A message is displayed at the top of the web site
  • A security certificate automatically downloads on to your computer

Question 17

Give two reasons for using images as buttons in a child's e-book.
  • Children might not be able to read text on the buttons
  • Provides a visual clue
  • Provide a visual clue as to the function

Question 18

Katherine wants to make the pages of her children's e-book consistent. State three ways in which she can do this.
  • Use consistent navigational features (buttons and other links in the same place)
  • Use same font throughout
  • Use a computer to make it
  • Use a template

Question 19

Katherine uses text and images in the e-book. Give three other multimedia elements she could use.
  • HD images
  • Narration
  • Video
  • Rollover buttons

Question 20

Any High is a secondary school with over 1000 students age 11–19. It makes extensive use of ICT for teaching and learning, as well as administration. The school has bought some wireless e-book readers. Jenny streams videos to her e-book reader. Sometimes the videos do not play smoothly. Give two possible reasons for this.
  • Slow internet connection
  • Low bandwidth
  • Not enough storage on the server